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February 16, 2008



This brings up a whole new host of questions to my mind. Do you really receive emails from Obama? And can I get the address for that delicatessan in San Francisco? I'll have to try that out next time I head that direction.


impressive list of places to live...i never knew about the Cirque experience.

Good stuff.


It's Susan - I'm responding. And only 10 days after you posted.. with a 9 day old & 3 yr old too! I'm actually responding more to the post about your newest nephew - thank you for including us; it was very special. It will go in Ethan's baby book.

But to this entry, I don't know the bookstore you mentioned, but maybe you'd prefer Powell's in Portland - the largest used bookstore in the world. You can't beat it! Another reason to visit us in the Northwest. Perhaps you can find a marathon in PDX or Seattle to run next!

Send our love to the Hat Racks. We have to video-skype again soon. Ethan is precious - and still a quiet one (and a good sleeper too!) Praise God!!

Love you, D's x 4


Steve you are a good man and this was a great post. I never knew that you worked at Foot Locker. I love it. Thanks for all your support and I can't wait to see your insight and the book on Yellowstone. See you soon and I am up for a SLC street taco anytime. I also need to take you to a place called j-dawgs in Provo.
Have a great day

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