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July 21, 2007



Great summary of the match, Steve I can honestly say we miss seeing you on the pitch and at RSL events. I personally think you got done wrong by the powers that be, you have always been a fair and honest broker of information. You are more than welcome to join us in section 38 anythime. I thought our boys played with energy and passion tonight. I feel bad for the guys from Everton, they were sucking wind after 20 minutes and it sure looked like they underestimated MLS players.
We figured to be safe with the Irish and liverpool flags, heck even the smoke machine worked right tonight.

It was a great night for RSL, I think that we really needed some efforts from the FO on merchandise and marketing for this match, It was a sad nite with only 12,000 people for such a exciting match. You can't make money with no merchandise and a 1/2 empty stadium.

Hat Rack

Yeah, I wouldn't ever bet on a friendly. You never know what mentality either team will bring to the game. Everton didn't look so hot, huh? Let's hope RSL brings the same effort next Saturday.

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